Warren County Middle School


The impressive, new Warren County Middle School is the pinnacle of a well-planned, collaborative design process. Through the guidance of School and County Administration, and teamwork of all involved, the school has been successfully completed.

Upon project initiation, a site constraint assessment study was facilitated to confirm the suitability of each proposed site. At the same time, programming efforts evolved through team workshops, departmental interviews, and presentations. These activities helped provide a thorough understanding of the stakehold


er needs, as well as to shape a learning environment that embodies the vision of Warren County Public Schools.

The new two-story school is traditional in design, in keeping with the architectural context of the area. In addition to being environmentally responsive, the design of the school exhibits an abundance of natural lighting and views to the outdoors. Other space and design features include: Core Curriculum Classrooms for grades 6, 7 and 7; Media Center; Strategic safety/security measures are maintained with enhanced visual monitoring and observation; Technology embedded throughout; and High-performing, sustainable materials for optimal operations and maintenance.