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BJUArchitects has developed a tradition of putting the needs of the owner first. Great projects come through thoughtful collaboration and solution-based design. At BJUArchitects, we value the close personal relationships that emerge from each project in which we have been associated and the community enrichment they provide.

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Main Contacts

Billy E. Upton, AIA, REFP
+ (804) 270 0909 +362

Benjamin E. Upton
+ (804) 270 0909 +152

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I-64 from Charlottesville:

  • Take Exit 181 (Parham Road)
  • Merge left onto Parham Road
  • Turn right onto Fordson Road
  • Turn right onto Nesslewood Road
  • Turn right onto Nesslewood Drive

I-64 from Richmond:

  • Take Exit 181A (Parham Road South)
  • Turn right onto Fordson Rad
  • Turn right onto Nesslewood Road
  • Turn right onto Nesslewood Road
  • Turn right onto Nesslewood Drive

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Richmond, Virginia office

2402 N Parham Road
Richmond, Virginia, USA 23229

T +(804) 270 0909   F +(804) 346 3301

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